URL has been managing Saskatoon properties with Integrity for 25 years.

 Since then, we’ve seen many changes in the Saskatoon real estate landscape. New neighborhoods around the city, condo ownership and investment growing, and the rental market robust and dynamic year after year.At Universal Realty, we put our years of experience into helping homeowners, investors and tenants navigate the sometimes tricky landscape of residential real estate.As property managers, we offer efficient, professional and friendly service for people wishing to rent out single family homes, individual condos and large condo complexes. We specialize in service, with personal attention to every detail and insight into what will make your unit rent quicker and for longer.Locally owned and operated, we know every neighbourhood in Saskatoon and have built our reputation as the company that listens. Round the clock service and the fastest call-back time, we’re here to answer your questions, address your concerns and help you get the best tenants for your home or unit.

We also provide excellent real estate services once you’re ready to sell. Keep your real estate dealings all with one company – we make it easy.

URL in Saskatoon is the only property management company you need to provide STRESS FREE management for your Commercial property, Rental property or Residential condo. Imagine the possibilities.

Do you have Townhouse or House you would like to rent? We can make that happen!

URL is committed to help homeowners with their preservation of their investments. We follow the Residential Tenancies Regulations to ensure that both the owner and tenant are protected and the guidelines are followed to ensure a prosperous relationship. We take great pride in finding responsible, qualified tenants who are a match to the property. Click here to find out more.





 How about a Residential  Condo that is in need of Management? We are experts at working with the boards and owners in harmony! 

URL has the ability to expertly mediate when needed to ensure all owners / tenants in the condo community are happy and content. We also have a strong contractor network that will professionally support the needs of any condo maintenance required. Click here to find out more





Maybe you have a Multi-Unit Apartment building that is in need of good management.

URL has the experience it takes to not only take care of the building but the tenants and owner as well. We pride ourselves in ensuring that the apartments are filled with reliable, responsible tenants and making sure repairs are done while maintaining the profitability of the owner’s investment. Click here to find out more.





Commercial Condominiums? Yes Universal manages those too!

As real estate and construction costs rise there comes a demand for businesses looking for commercial condominium spaces as an alternative to a stand alone building. There is much to navigate and Universal Realty can lead the way for both the condominium owners and the business owners! Click here to find out more.