Property Management

Investment Property Management
Condo Management

Investment Property Management

Multi-Unit Buildings, Single Family Homes and Condos

Universal Realty manages multi-unit properties of all sizes for satisfied owners who trust their investment to our professional services. We work to maximize your investment by employing our best practices learned over 25 years of managing properties.

In a strong rental market, holding on to your home can be a wise investment. To make it worthwhile, you need to maximize your cash flow to ensure you are covering all of your expenses.

An experienced property management company can help you do just that. At Universal Realty, our team will:Contact Us

  • Minimize vacancy through effective marketing in print and online.
  • Protect your property with rigorous tenant screening and frequent property inspections.
  • Provide cost effective maintenance and repairs with our maintenance staff and network of reliable tradespeople.
  • Reduce insurance premiums by lowering the risk to your insurance company.
  • Keep accurate records of income and expenses and provide monthly reports.
  • Provide professional, efficient and cost effective services to you and to your tenants every day of the year.

We manage hundreds of residential properties throughout Saskatoon and area and our reputation speaks for itself. Trust your home or investment to the professionals at Universal Realty.

Condo Management

Universal Realty manages many condo properties throughout Saskatoon on behalf of and in collaboration with condo boards. We manage buildings of any size and work with boards to ensure compliance with the Condominium Act and policies are effective and accurate.

Condo management can be a daunting task, especially for Board members with busy lives. Universal Realty’s experienced team can help make things simpler.

Our team will:Contact Us

  • Assist you in following the Condominium Act and amendments, including advice and consultation on new policies, by-laws and regulations as required.
  • Collect and administer all fees payable to the Board for operating expenses and reserve accounts.
  • Administer payment for regular and special maintenance for common areas, the condo property and facilities.
  • Provide regular financial reports, including monthly reports of income and expenditures, and, if required, year end audited financial statements and yearly budgets.
  • Assist with preparing the Annual Report to present at the general meeting of owners.
  • Supervise reserve fund holdings and advise the Board on recommended work to the property.

A well-managed condo is both a good home and a boost for your investment. Get experience on your side.